AMCSS offers a wide array of products and services. Some of them are....... Mortgage Docs

Title Insurance
We offer Loan Policies and Owner's Policies on any type of residential refinance transactions.  In addition, we offer you a Re-Issue Rate on your premium whenever eligible.

Closing Services
We are able to close your loan at virtually any time of the day, including weekends, and at any location that is preferred by you - whether it be your home, office or at the local library.  Our Closing Agents and Attorneys offer a great deal of flexibility with the scheduling.

AMCSS HouseEvaluation Tools
We can have appraisals done on any residential property in the United States.  In addition, we offer a product to homeowner's that can give you an estimate on the value of your home before seeking the services of a loan officer for your refinance transaction.


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